Wine Classification Dataset VisualizationΒΆ

  • Target distribution
  • F=2.34E+02, F=2.08E+02, F=1.90E+02, F=1.35E+02, F=1.21E+02, F=1.01E+02, F=9.37E+01, F=3.69E+01, F=3.58E+01, F=3.03E+01, F=2.76E+01, F=1.33E+01, F=1.24E+01
  • Top feature interactions, 0.968, 0.924, 0.918, 0.909
  • Discriminating PCA directions, 0.931, 0.897, 0.894, Scree plot (PCA explained variance)
  • Discriminating LDA directions, 1.000


/home/circleci/project/dabl/plot/ FutureWarning: The second positional argument of plot is a Series 'y'. If passing a column name, use a keyword.
  warnings.warn("The second positional argument of plot is a Series 'y'."
Target looks like classification
Linear Discriminant Analysis training set score: 1.000

# sphinx_gallery_thumbnail_number = 4
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from sklearn.datasets import load_wine
from dabl import plot
from dabl.utils import data_df_from_bunch

wine_bunch = load_wine()
wine_df = data_df_from_bunch(wine_bunch)

plot(wine_df, 'target')

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